Why not order your glasses on-line from trusted professionals with over 60 years of experience? That is what you get when your order from Miano Optics! The founder of Miano Optics, Reid McDonald, is part of the McDonald Family that opened their first optical dispensary in 1956 in Iowa City, IA. We have been serving the Midwest with superior quality, unique frame styling, and a trusted name in the optical industry ever since. 

Our wide selection of frames are meticulously hand-crafted using Grade A Italian acetate, surgical stainless steel, and premium German and Japanese made hinges.

We use lighter, thinner lens materials and anti-reflective coatings on ALL of our prescription lenses for a complete pair of eyeglasses at $125.

We have assembled a user-friendly site that is very easy to navigate in order to make the process easy and enjoyable. Of course, we ship directly to your home.

Would you rather purchase glasses that require precision and expertise from a huge company with mass production and no optical background or a quality family business with decades of experience and professionalism? Choose Miano Optics!